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2007/02/15 23:41 EDT
World's Best Pizza Oven
Due to my Japanese pizza page, I get a lot of pizza-related traffic. Therefore I've decided to gather some pizza-related info. Maybe I'll put together a proper pizza site someday.

Today, I ran into Forno Bravo where they sell wood-fired brickpizza ovens and claim to offer The World's Finest Pizza Ovens.

Basically, they claim to offer:

  • 1. High-Tech Refractory Materials for great Oven Performance
  • 2. The World's fastest heat up time
  • 3. Great heat retention
  • 4. A Complete Line of Oven Types and Sizes including their Casa, Premio and Artigiano lines. (I don't think any of these are for home-use.)
  • 5. Italy's Most Popular Oven
  • 6. Breakthrough Price/Performance
  • 7. "Real" Refractory Vent Assembly (whatever that means)
  • 8. Great Oven Tool Set with Every Oven
  • 9. Forno Bravo Cooking - recipes and what not
  • 10. They Love Brick Ovens
I take it back, they claim their "casa" ovens really are for the home. However I think you need to be a serious pizza lover to put one of these in your home! They also sell massive commercial ovens -- up to 6 feet wide! I'm afraid to look but I don't think they're cheap...

I notice they have some competitors -- Woodstone and Earthstone. Maybe I'll add more info about them later...

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