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2006/09/22 23:09 EDT
Diane Rehm vs Rita Cosby
A question that occurs to me on occasion... who has a more annoying voice? Diane Ream or Rita Cosby? Dianne of the Diane Ream Show on NPR vs Rita Cosby of MSNBC. Dianne sounds like a quavering old woman. Actually she is old, beyond retirement age. But apparently that's not the reason for her annoying voice. It's spasmodic dysphonia. It's a medical problem so perhaps I should go easy on her. On the other hand, would you go easy on a neurosurgeon with Parkinson's disease? Diane Rehm, no offense, but it's time to retire. Please.

As for Rita Cosby, I've never heard of there being a medical issue with her voice. It's annoying for no particular reason. I'm not the only one who thinks this. One of my blog pages with the biggest hits is my rita cosby entry with people using search terms such as "rita cosby rasping grating f*ing annoying voice". It's funny. Who would've thought I'd get so many hits on something like that. But probably every time she's on, somebody somewhere goes "Damn what's with her voice" and turns to their nearest Internet search engine. She doesn't bother me all that much. Mainly because I rarely watch her.

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