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2005/09/29 21:26 EDT
Rita Cosby, Dr Jack Kevorkian
I'm sitting here in a Cincinnati hotel room watching Rita Cosby on MSNBC. An interview with idiot -- er, doctor -- Dr Jack Kevorkian is coming up. I only saw this anchor for the first time a couple of weeks ago. She sounds like a chain smoker or something. Man, her voice is annoying. Actually it's more stressful than annoying. Watching her talk is like watching an asthmatic try to breathe. She must have some inside connections, how else could somebody with that voice have gotten a job like that?

Anyway today was a long day. Spent all day on my feet representing one of our products in an exhibition. Decided to take it easy tonight. Last night I went out and hung out with some guys from the office only a few years out of college but still with a college attitude (ie "beer" & "more beer"). I should have switched to Coke after the third beer. But, alas, I didn't. We started out at a place called The Lookout Tavern. It wasn't very busy but there were a few customers including one of those girls -- you know the ones -- wearing jeans & white tank top with tattoos and a piercing or two. Not over the top, just kind of artsy, kind of grungy, kind of... you know. Anyway the highlight of the evening was seeing her come back from the bathroom and as she came back, she lifted up her arm and sniffed her under arm just to see how things were smelling in there. I had to do a double take. I looked over at John, my coworker, and we were both like "did you see that?" Then we cracked up. OK, well I guess you had to be there.

It looks like Kevorkian regets what he did. Kind of. Because it "turned out to be in vain". And of course, because he got stuck in prison. He called the system's bluff and he got nailed. He should be out in parole in 2007 but he claims he won't start killing people again. Not that I'm against the right to die but the way he went about it was wrong. The Terri Schiavo debacle highlights the fact that we need to improve the system. What a mess.

I just checked out Rita Cosby's MSNBC site and it looks like she's quite experienced and has put in her time from Kosovo to Guantanimo. And has worked the political beat from the Monica Lewinsky & Clinton days. So I guess maybe she deserves her own show but that doesn't make her voice any less annoying. And I still won't go out of my way to watch her newscast.

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