Kinjo ~ My Neighborhood in Japan

Tokyo Neighborhood

Here we are zoomed into Mishuku 2-chome, my home in Tokyo for five years. My apartment was in a two-story building with only four units. At the right, above the reddish building, you can see a green and white smokestack. That was my local sento (public bath) and the area where there was a cluster of shops I frequented ~ restaurants, dry cleaner, hard goods store and a 7-Eleven convenience store. All were within an easy 3 minute walk from my apartment. On the way back from there, I once saw a topless woman hanging laundry on a second or third floor balcony on the long white apartment building (near blue-roofed house). That wasn't as exciting as you might think, though; the woman must have been at least 80 years old! Click within the yellow square to zoom in even further.

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Created: Feb 10, 2003
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2003