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2010/11/13 18:55 ET
Mortgage Life Insurance by Educator Group Plans, Scam?
This week I got a junk mailer to my house from Educator Group Plans, Insurance Services Inc., License #10136. At first it looked like a scam to me but I can't tell. They don't even list a phone number or address on the mail.

They are offering to pay off my mortgage in the event of my death as well as "free" disability and unemployment insurance. Maybe it's not fraud but it appears to be a device to generate sales leads because it says I have to meet with one of their representatives in person.

Anyway, based on some web searches, it seems like this company is based in Texas. The BBB says they also do business as:
Senior Advisor Services, The Equita Group, The Equita Financial & Insurance Services of Texas, Equita Financial Services, Educator Group Plans & Insurance Services and Equita Final Expense Services.

Supposedly they have an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau but there have been 6 customer complaints within the last 36 months according to the BBB. Two relating to advertising issues, two relating to customer services issues and two relating to sales practice issues.

I also found this disciplinary action involving a "Senior Advisor" on the state of Texas web site but I think this guy is the president or owner of the company:Wolfe, Richard Gary, Equita Financial and Insurance Services of TX, Senior Advisor Services and Insurance Services, Inc., Educator Group Plans Insurance Services, Inc. of Austin and Dallas
Order Number: 070809
Date of Order: 9/18/2007
Order Final In: September
Action Taken: $34,830 fine
Violation: Allegedly engaged in unfair and deceptive acts or practices; Alleged advertising violation

Anyway, if I wanted this kind of insurance I certainly wouldn't respond to a junk mailer. I'd just call my own local insurance agents for companies I already do business with.

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