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2008/09/13 17:39 EDT
Sarah Palin Swimsuit Competition

The Sara Palin nomination really jacked up the presidential election into gear. It would be amusing watching each major political party twist and jive with the facts if it wasn't such a sad commentary on our society and the people we are electing into office. A Democrat ad makes the false claim that McCain said that middle-class starts at a $5 million annual income. A Republican ad claims that Obama backed sex education for kindergarteners and so on and on the crap flies. Not to mention that stupid ass brouhaha started by the Republicans claiming that Obama called Palin a pig by using a common figure of speech of [it's]like putting lipstick on a pig.

Speaking of Palin, here's a picture I found of her online from some beauty pageant or other. Apparently she was Miss Alaska competitor in 1984, coming in second. I couldn't find any pictures of the swimsuit competition. Not quite Miss America material.

I caught her convention speech on tv while I was in Los Angeles and I found it to be very impressive for somebody of such limited experience to be so poised. Certainly she was engaging. Let's just hope the electorate isn't dumb enough to risk her being President. With McCain being as old as he is, it's a very real possibility he wouldn't make it through four years in office.

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