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2008/07/01 21:05 ET
Audio Tours of Waterford

This is just a book mark entry for myself because someday, I'll want to find and listen to these audio tours of Waterford located at

Here's the text from the site:
Welcome to Waterford Sound Waves, a series of self guided walking tours that will take you to some of the interesting areas that Waterford Township has to offer. Your "personal tour guide" will take you by the hand and present to you the history of Waterford and introduce you to the early settlers. You will also visit some of the beautiful natural areas that make Waterford such a special place. Here's a great way to experience Waterford Township with a fun, interesting and healthy walk. You can download these tours on your MP3 player at no charge and take them with you to the sites, or CDs are available for purchase that you can put in your portable CD player. You will be given instructions when to start and stop the recordings to stay synchronized with the areas you will be viewing. Remember that, while you will find our tours informative regardless of where you listen to them, these tours are best experienced on location. Get out and enjoy in person all that Waterford has to offer

As you follow along these tours please remember to respect any private property you will be viewing, or passing by, and for safety reasons please stay on the sidewalks or public pathways. If you are walking trails watch your footing, there will be exposed roots and fallen trees

This series was produced with the assistance of the Waterford Historical Society and the support of the Waterford Area Chamber of Commerce. All things technical were provided by the Media Network and a special thanks goes to the Waterford Mott Drama Club for their participation.

So, grab your headphones, put on your walking shoes and let the adventure begin...

I really need to do more traveling in my home state of Michigan and enjoy the history, great outdoors and scenery.

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