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2007/7/28 10:37 EDT
Yellow Subaru Baja
We finally sold our 2003 Subaru Baja. I didn't really want to let it go, since it's a great, versatile vehicle but it really isn't the best choice for a family vehicle when there are babies & baby gear to be carried around. And, anyway, it was my wife's car so it was up to her. We had already purchased its replacement, a 2006 Mazda 5.

When we first put it up for sale, we had the Suburu priced over $15,500 (dealer pricing) and gradually reduced it until we finally sold it for $13,500. Ironically, most of the calls I got on it were from out of state -- Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and even Idaho! I didn't really pursue those calls. I didn't want to deal with the hassle of shipping a car or dealing with somebody over the phone although I suppose it's not all that unusual with people buying and selling on eBay Motors. And, anyway, none of those callers seemed all that serious. They didn't call back.

The baja is a rare vehicle around here. When we bought it, I had searched for weeks until finally finding one about 100 miles away. So it didn't surprise me that people were calling from out of state. Still, Idaho... that's a stretch.

In the end, only three people actually test drove it. One guy was a salesman at a Ford dealership! He wanted a versatile vehicle he could take up north without spending an arm and a leg on fuel. I think he liked it but he wanted something with more power, maybe a turbo. Or perhaps he ended up getting a Ford Explorer after all.

The second person to look at it was a Chinese lady from Ann Arbor. Her husband was interested in it. They test drove it and they seemed interested but they never called me back.

One person I talked to didn't drive it but she made a serious offer of $12,500. It seems that she had just had a 2003 Baja for about a month when she got in an accident and totalled it! She was ready to buy it sight unseen but we didn't want to sell it for that low.

After that the calls dried up so we were half wondering if we should have taken that offer when a lady from Chelsea contacted me. She was a serious buyer. Her son had sold her on the idea of getting a Baja and she was interested in the sporty yellow. So after a test drive, checkup at her mechanic and some final negotiation, she had her new car and I got my space in the garage back.

We had paid $18,300 (including $1000 of Michigan sales tax) and owned it for 28 months so the cost of ownership was about $175/month (not including insurance of course). Not bad.

So long, dear Baja. You were a good car.

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