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2007/7/14 22:05 EDT
Will the iPhone Blend? With a Blendtec professional blender, it will
Well, as you probably know the iPhone was big news this last couple of weeks. Geeks waited in line overnight to pick up something they could just walk in and buy the next day or so.

We have one in the office for testing. I haven't played with it yet but looked at it over somebody's shoulder. Admittedly the interface is pretty cool. The touch screen usage is intuitive and easy. For example to zoom in, you touch the screen in two places and draw your fingers together. Do the opposite to zoom out.

The keyboard, however, looks pretty cumbersome to use. You can't type with the traditional thumb-style typing method. But the keyboard is too small to type easily. And you can't even use a stylus because the keyboard requires direct touch.

It's also missing one basic feature that any decent phone needs these days -- voice dialing capability. When driving it's a must.

However, even more basic than that, it doesn't have a user-removable battery. I've had watches that require you to send them to get the battery replaced. What a pain.

Anyway the real reason I thought to write about the iPod is this video from Blend-Tec. Apparently, BlendTeck makes professional blenders. $800 blenders. Woa. (But "only" $400 for the consumer model.) Anyway, they have a viral marketing campaign via youtube where they "blend" a variety of household objects. Stuff that would probably void your warranty if you really "tried this at home" (which they warn you not to do).

The blender certainly looks very capable. From grinding coffee and ice to disintegrating wood and golf balls, it looks very impressive. I wonder how many people have bought this in order to grind non-food objects, like on the videos.

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