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2007/7/13 23:03 EDT
Cheapest personal checks I could find
I just frittered away the last hour or so of my life but at least I accomplished something. I had just come to my last pad of checks. Finally. I've had these checks for six years. At the time, I took the special deal. Buy 3 boxes and get the 4th free. Or whatever it was. 800 checks I think. And, now, finally I can change to a new, refreshing design. At least one would think so.

However in searching around the last hour for cool check designs, I looked for everything I could think of -- modern art, my special interests (scuba diving, dogs, even Michigan), asian or Japanese design. I waded through dozens of crappy "inspirational" designs, patriotic designs, sports designs, wildlife designs. Yet none of them appealed to me. Actually that's not quite true. I kind of liked the Sierra Club designs. But they weren't that good and at $15 a box, I realized there was really no point in paying 10 cents a check for a cool design that I'm going to send mainly to the gas, electric & cable companies.

Ok, so, anyway, to make a short story shorter, I found Carousel Checks. They had reasonable prices and no minimum order size for basic checks. They sell also photo checks. You can have them print your own photo on the checks. But this is $20 per box and, again, in the end, no one important is going to see them anyway. So I just ordered one box of their basic "parchment" checks for about $6 including shipping.

Mission accomplished.

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