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2007/02/25 17:24 EDT
Britney Spears on Hollywood Blvd
I'm sitting here at home working on a Sunday with MTV Hits Playlist on in the background. They are playing a Britney Spears top video playlist. Interesting that a lot of the videos deal with fame and paparazzi and the difficulties therein. Kind of a prelude to her recent breakdown. I feel sorry for her. I hope she can turn her life around and this little episode will just be a small blip in the inevitable E! True Hollywood Story special about her life and career.

Living here in Michigan, I don't frequently find myself running into celebrities, however Britney is one of the few I've seen up close. (Probably only second in fame to Stevie Wonder who I ran into in Tokyo once.)

In November of 2003, I was in Los Angeles for a wedding. We were staying at the hotel right there at Hollywood & Highland when I just happened to learn from the morning news that Britney would be receiving a star on Hollywood Blvd later that morning. We decided to stick around for the event. We were pretty close and got a decent view. Anyway, here's a shot from that happier day of Britney's. Next to her is Johnny Grant "honorary mayor of Hollywood" who attends all of these Hollywood Boulevard star events.

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