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2007/01/10 23:03 EDT
What is lolzzz?
Today I came across some internetspeak I didn't recognize, lolzzz. Of course everybody knows lol=Laughing Out Loud but what the heck is lolzzz? My first guess is, "Laughing Out Loud just before going to sleep." I have an image of some person with narcolepsy, laughing out loud and then falling over fast asleep.

Although it comes up in Internet searches readily, it's not listed on Wikipedia yet so it must be relatively obscure or recent. (But by the time you check there I think it will be listed there because I just added it - lolzzz.)

My extensive research (well, a couple of Internet searches) still leaves me in doubt but my best guess is that it is an expansion of lolz which seems to be a plural form of lol. Laughing Out Loud(s). So rather than ha or haha, it's hahahaha. Or something like that. If you know differently let me know.

Still, I think I will probably continue to read it as "haha" followed by heavy snoring.

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