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2007/01/05 02:19 EDT
0/8 Seafood Grill & Twisted Cork Wine Bar in Bellevue
I'm in Seattle on business now. Tonight we went to a new restaurant in the Bellevue Hyatt Regency called the 0/8 Seafood Grill & Twisted Cork Wine Bar (quite a mouthful and hard to remember besides -- it's easiest to remember that it's at the Bellevue Hyatt). It's a new place where Chadfield's Sports Bar used to be (apparently). Here's my brief review:

It was a fairly slow night which may explain why our server was very attentive. The menu was primarily seafood with a few steak and other items (wild boar and venison for example) thrown in. Everything we had was very good. I ordered the calamari appetizer and the server warned us that in some cases it wasn't to the liking of some diners (probably because most calamari in the U.S. is served deep fried so you really don't know what you're eating -- it could be chicken mcnuggets for all you'd know). Anyway we thought it was very good. The lemon grass/ginger sauce was mild and not at all overpowering as I had feared. Another appetizer we had was raw scallops served on shells similar to oysters which were excellent.

For the meal, I had the cioppino which was kind of like a seafood soup filled with mussels, shrimp, fish and scallops. It was very good and surprisingly filling. (Usually "fancy" restaurants provide more taste than quantity.) I think everybody enjoyed their meals there. It's definitely a place to keep in mind for special occasions or when somebody else is paying. (Entrees cost about $22 and up.)

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