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2006/09/10 23:48 EDT
Winnie-the-Pooh Nursery
Well our nursery is coming along, little by little, as we redecorate the sewing room. The decorating probably won't be complete when the baby comes but at least we got the crib and changing table ready. And the all-important diaper disposal system. Today I painted an old dresser of mine, giving it a golden yellow ("buttercup") color to match our basic theme which is "Classic Pooh". I got a new Ikea dresser for myself to replace the hand-me-down.

Most people paint the baby's room but I painted the laundry room instead. A shelf I had put up fell down (again) so this time I got off my duff and get the whole room painted with a decent, washable paint. We are looking at an Ikea storage solution for the other side of the room. In some sense, it's all preparation for the baby as we move things around and try to make more storage and get things organized.

We had a small baby shower yesterday where we got many of the other Winnie the Pooh items we had registered for at Target. Another shower is in the works. I hadn't been too keen on it but enough people asked about a shower so we are getting one after all. Funny how many people are excited to have to go and spend money on baby gifts. (If it were me, I'd have kept my mouth shut!)

I usually avoid writing personal items in this global forum but someday our child may actually read this and wonder why there was no mention of him being on the way. Well you're certainly on the way -- pushing inside your mom's belly this way and that. See you soon.

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