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2006/08/25 23:55 EDT
The site that sells one product a day
Several weeks back I ran into a site that sells just one product per day. I lost it for a while but managed to find it again so here it is just for reference.

It was selling a breadmaker or something the first time I saw it. Now it is selling noise cancelling headphones. Well actually they were already sold out. It's almost midnight but the product changes at midnight CST but I'm not planning to stay up another hour to see what it is.

Judging from their list of recent woots this month they've sold things like speakers, nVidia video cards, LCD TVs, salad spinners, and air beds. Even Scooba the floor washing robot.

BTW, today's my nephew Christopher's birthday. Happy Birthday Chris. (I highly doubt that he will ever see this.) Yesterday was my brother's birthday too. I already sent him a birthday greeting but Happy Birthday. I doubt he'll see this either but I suppose it's possible.

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