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2006/04/23 23:24 EDT
Financial Management
Whew. Just finished a grueling quiz on Financial Management, capital budgeting and other fun stuff. I think I mentioned that I'm taking MBA classes. Just started this semester so it will be years before I'm done. The online quizzes are harder than traditional tests I've had because the time is very strict and because the questions are sequential -- you can't go back. In normal test-taking situations, you can put aside a hard question and come back to it later if you have time. With these tests, you have no idea how hard or easy the next questions are going to be. Should I keep working on this one or give up and move on? On the other hand, it is open book so if you've read the material and know where to look, you can look up stuff real quickly. I got 11 out of 15 on this last quiz which I am counting myself as lucky because I had to make several guesses on this one.

I f*d up and missed the first two quizzes costing me 15% of my grade. Dumb dumb dumb. It would have helped if the professor had been a little more communicative like the other professors are -- he hasn't untilized the notice board once during the whole class -- but I have to accept the blame. The schedule was written in the syllabus.

Anyway, my final is on Thursday and this class will be behind me. Despite the missed points, I think I'll be able to pass the class. However I need a B in order to get it reimbursed by my company so that is my primary goal. Fingers are crossed.

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