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2006/04/22 10:57 EDT
Assuage Your Guilt on Earthday
The article Gas Guzzlers Find Price of Forgiveness talks about how you can continue polluting the environment in your gas guzzling car by buying atonement in the form of carbon offsets. It's basically a donation used to stimulate the production of "clean" energy. Quoting from the article:

Of course, emissions could be reduced the old-fashioned way -- by flying less, turning off the air-conditioning or buying a more fuel-efficient car. But that would probably require some sacrifice and perhaps even a change in lifestyle. Instead, carbon-offset programs allow individuals to skip the sacrifice and simply pay for the right to pollute.

Us Americans love to do the right thing as long as it doesn't cost them anything in the way of inconvenience.

Anyway, here's a list of places you can learn more about this and donate if you're so inclined:

Of course a lot of people donating to these places are enviro-weenies and are already doing their part by driving hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius. As gas prices break the $3 barrier, it'll be interesting to see if there will be any real effect on our automobile buying habits and the nation's petroleum addiction.

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