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2006/02/28 23:03 EDT
American Idol 5
OK I admit it, I'm one of the minority of Americans caught up in watching American Idol. (Much to my shame.) I missed last week's result show because Tivo has given Survivor higher priority. So tonight I was shocked and disappointed to see the hottest girl from the show was gone. That would be Becky O'Donohue. Sure she might not have been the best singer but you'd have thought she'd get votes just for being so good looking. Certainly she wasn't the worst. Bummer. Wasn't surprised to see the opera girl go. Or Bobby Bennett -- the cheesy dude -- and forgettable Patrick Hall.

So still remaining, we have Senator's daughter and basketball player Ayla Brown, this season's conceited b*tch Brenna Gethers (but not half as bad as last season's designated biyotch), pretty girl (and suggestively named) Heather Cox, country girl Kellie Pickler, young beauty Lisa Tucker, perhaps the most talented Paris Bennett and the others -- Katharine McPhee, Kinnik Sky, and Mandisa.

I won't list the guys because, well, I don't find them quite that interesting.

Speaking of American Idol, I wonder how Jasmine's doing...

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