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2006/01/29 20:03 EDT
Stomp in Detroit
Went to see Stomp at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit today. Stomp is a "combination of percussion, movement and visual comedy." These are the folks that make music out of garbage cans and other household objects. You've probably seen them on commercials or other places here and there.

It was a good show but, honestly, I was a bit disappointed. I guess I was expecting to be bedazzled again. It hadn't evolved much, if at all, since I first saw them in New York City at the Orpheum five years ago. Most of the same bits were there. The brooms, the newspaper, the matchboxes, the kitchen sinks, the plungers, rubber tubes. The zippo lighter scene seemed shorter and toned down. There was a folding chair bit that I don't recall from NY. This performance had a Hawaiian guy who provided a very good comic element.

If you haven't seen Stomp, by all means, see them. It is definitely a must-see show especially if you enjoy percussion. However I probably won't go out of my way to see them again. We don't go to shows that frequently so I'll be more likely to spend my time and money on something I haven't experienced before. According to the program they have an IMAX movie out there somewhere. I'd like to check that out someday.

Although my wife loves Stomp (in fact the tickets were purchased as her Christmas present), when I go home and bang on stuff and make noises she doesn't seem to appreciate it. I just say, hey, it's Stomp! She doesn't agree.

Oh, as a side note, I went for the matinee tickets because I could get better seats than the evening show. What I neglected to consider was that matinee show = many children. One toddler nearby kept having laughing fits -- amused by the antics of the cast. Actually the distractions weren't bad -- especially since much of the performance is loud and drowns out crowd noises -- but it's something I need to keep in mind next time I'm looking for arts and theater tickets.

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