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2005/11/06 09:12 EDT
Yosemite National Park
From June Lake, we left the Double Eagle Resort and headed on into Yosemite National Park. We continued climbing up from 7000 feet until we peaked at the Tioga Pass entrance at just under 10,000 feet. Beautiful mountain scenery. Wow. Needless to say the temperature started getting chilly. The park ranger at the Tioga Pass entrance told us to pay at the other side. They were preparing to close for a winter storm warning for the next night. If the storm came, the road would be closed until May and we'd have been one of the last ones through. Pretty lucky because if the road hadn't been open, we probably would have given up on Yosemite. It's a long way around otherwise.

The road through was very scenic with some really beautiful vistas. We drove through and then drove back into the valley which is the area with El Capitan and Yosemite's most famous areas. I didn't see any rock climbers on the majestic rock face but they might have been there. We drove in, finally stopping at Yosemite Village where we took a look around the Ansel Adams Gallery and visitor center before grabbing some lunch. The signs for Curry Village made me hungry for some good Japanese curry but, of course, the name had nothing to do with food and so we had handmade deli sandwiches instead. I went with the pastrami which was pretty good. Hit the spot.

Since we had dinner plans in San Francisco, we headed out of the park early afternoon. By that time it had clouded up and was less scenic than it had been. The drive to San Francisco was uneventful. We passed many orchards of some sort but there was little indication of what they grow out there. Saw some signs for persimmons and almonds so that was probably some of the kinds of trees we saw. Where's an AAA guide trip-tik when you need one? We also passed a big power-generating windmills farm. I wonder if they're owned by SCE Corp. Southern California Edison is the first stock I ever owned and I still have it. I guess technically, this area isn't Southern California so maybe they're owned by somebody else anyway. Traffic got heavier and pretty soon we were across the famous Bay Bridge and in the city. Our aftermarket navigation system got us to our destination, the Courtyard on Beach Street near Fishermans Wharf.

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