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2005/11/06 10:31 EDT
Morning in the Sierra Nevadas
As I mentioned, it was dark when we arrived here. This morning I stepped outside to walk around and found some serious mountains looking over us. Being from Michigan where we don't have these things, I always enjoy mountain scenery.

I noticed from the travel info in the cabin that there are several natural hot springs around here. Too bad we won't have time to stop. I'll have to come back again someday and try them out.

As I mentioned, we stayed at the Double Eagle Resort. It's actually quite luxurious place with a spa and everything. Really not the kind of place where one arrives late, spends a night and leaves in the morning like we were doing. Oh well. I certainly can't complain. This is vying with my trip to Japan and Hawaii as my best business trip ever. Today we see Yosemite before heading on to San Francisco.

No more time to write, gotta head out.

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