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2005/11/05 4:48 EDT
Paris - Las Vegas
It's 4:50am and I'm in Paris. In the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas that is. Actually it's only 1:50am local time. It's my first trip to Las Vegas. I guess it was more or less what I expected. Lots of lights and lots of casinos. Lots of crazy tourists. Not much else.

I'm here only for two days but I walked through several casinos -- for dinner, show, to take the monorail or whatever. So I've been in the Paris, the Flamingo, Bally's, Bellagio, Wynn, Monte Carlo and MGM Grand. But, I'm happy to say, I didn't spend a dime on gambling. If I didn't value my sleep so much, I might have joined my coworker who is, at this very moment, in the Flamingo poker room. But I'd rather get some blissful sleep than sit in a smoky room bleary-eyed and drinking.

Fortunately my other coworker likes shows so we saw the Cirque du Soleil "O" last night and Ka tonight. Two Cirque shows in a row! Perhaps overindulgent but it was a rare chance so I couldn't refuse. Both shows were excellent. Amazing what they've done with the stages. The "O" stage transforms from water to solid and back again. The Ka stage goes from horizontal to vertical and everywhere in between. The tickets aren't cheap but they are well worth it. We saw both shows after dinner at 10:30pm which is 12:30am my local time so it was a little tough to stay focussed. Especially considering we'd just eaten and had been drinking as well.

Tomorrow we meet at 8:30 for the drive to Yosemite -- did I mention that this is a business trip? -- so I'd better get to bed.

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