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2005/09/23 22:12 EDT
Credit Card Late Fee
This week I was pissed as all hell when I got my credit card statement. My last bill had fallen in a crack in the couch and I sent it in two weeks late. I opened my bill with some trepidation and, not only was I stuck with a $39 finance charge (at an outrageous APR of 16.25%) they gave me a $39 late fee! WTF! They're already making a load of money from the sky high interest rate and they want to stick a late fee on top of it?! Not only that, this card is an airline mileage card and charges a $40 yearly fee! So I pretty much lost a big chunk of the value I had gained in miles right there.

I think maybe I'll drop this card when it's time for the annual fee. Northwest has gone bankrupt anyway. No point in going out of my way to accumulate their miles. I looked around for better cards but they pretty much all charge the same outrageous fees. Though I did find one at Commerce Bank that doesn't have a late fee. Very interesting but they'll probably change the terms on customers later once they sign up.

Tonight I checked to make sure my payment had arrived and then I called to see if they would drop the late fee. So I called up and just said, "I've got a late fee, can you drop it? Or do I have to threaten to cancel the card?" She said just a moment, brought up my account information and dropped it for me, no further questions asked. So I'm a little cooled off now and I was happy with how they quickly found out when my credit card number had been stolen earlier this year. Nevertheless, it's annoying that the credit card companies are tacking on these kinds of outrageous fees when they're already making so much money. On top of that this year they all added extra fees for foreign currency purchases. As if they weren't already making enough money on the exchange rate spread! Don't get me started...

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