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2005/09/21 23:20 EDT
I meant to talk about this earlier... Looks like INXS has a new lead singer. The so-called J.D. Fortune (stage name?) picked via reality television on RockStar INXS. (Yes I know I'm a day late but these days I rarely watch live tv, it's all Tivo.)

It'll be interesting to see if they came up with some good music for their new album that they'll be recording next month. If so, it will nice to see them backon the scene. A revived relic from my youth.

While they were playing with INXS, I pulled out my INXS CDs and played the originals as well. Of course the originals sound much better but they were the studio produced versions. Any of the finalists could have done the job.

I think the runner-up, Marty, has more talent overall -- he can compose and play guitar as well -- but maybe INXS felt they somebody with a closer look and sound to Michael Hutchence. Anyway I'm sure he'll do fine on his own now that he has all this exposure. I really like the song Trees that he wrote and sang on the show. Looking forward to hearing a recorded version of it. Ideally an extended version. It's a little short, as is.

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