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2005/09/12 22:46 EDT
Frappuccino vs Coke
I was just playing around at

Just as I suspected, frappuchinos are calorie packed. 26 cal/oz vs 14 cal/oz for Coca-cola. But an argument could be made that the Starbucks product is closer to a complete meal. 35% of its calories come from fat and 6% from protein. Whereas, 100% of cokes calories come from carbohydrates. And actually Coke contains more sugar per ounce. Still, it's the calories that get you .

A small ("tall") mocha frappuccino is 310 calories. Woe bob. I guess the moral of this exercise is that it's probably not a good idea to get a frappaccino for dessert after eating a Big Mac extra value meal.

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