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2005/09/04 14:01 EDT
Feed the Children
I was just searching for info about Feed the Children to see if they are a good place to donate money for Katrina. This article from Renew America (ie Alan Keyes) raises some concerns about the charity. Specifically it says:
* only 18% of their cash budget goes to charity and 60% is spent on marketing (though I think a lot of donations are non-cash donations so maybe this figure isn't as bad as it sounds)
* accounting is poor and no good record of where its money is going. According to the article, for example, of $6.7 million raised after the Oklahoma City bombing, only $2.8 went to help victims and where the rest went is unknown.
* various in-dealings with family and board members of the charity

So I think I will stick with the Red Cross as the primary focus of my giving for hurricane disaster relief.

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