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2005/09/02 20:35 EDT
Don't Buy Gas if You Don't Need It
President Bush's words to us today Don't Buy Gas if You Don't Need It. Yet another inane statement from our "leader." Not that the poor disaster response is all his fault. People need to realize that the only people they can count on are themselves. They should have evacuated. Sure some people couldn't but most people surely could have. Saw one guy on the TV, his head in one of those head braces that screws into the skull. He'd had an operation a few weeks ago after breaking his neck. He didn't evacuate because he'd just had the operation. But he ended up wading through putrid water and walking miles in the end.

Gas was at $3.50 today. I haven't had to buy any yet. My last fill up was at $2.65. So the question is, will that $3.50 be close to the high or will it lead to nostalgia where we're wishing for gas prices in the low $3 range.

Well maybe some good will come out of all this. Maybe people will stop being so irresponsible and buying gas guzzling Hummers and other vehicles and start taking the energy problem seriously. Ironically, with my Highlander, I currently own the biggest vehicle I've ever had. And I get the lowest mpg I've ever had as well. But it's a V-6 and still gets 21 to 22 mpg. Not too bad for an SUV that can carry 7 people. Luckily my wife and I can car pool to work. That's a nice savings right there.

Well, one thing is for sure, the 2007 Camry hybrid coming onto the market next year is going to sell like hot cakes. I'd bet on it. I'm afraid Ford and GM will really go belly up, though. If the truck segment tanks, their bread and butter segment, they're going to be in real trouble.

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