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2005/09/01 7:35 EDT
Plan B
Every day the news is full of the stupidity of this administration. Today it's the FDA's postponement of the Plan B pill, the day-after pill that prevents pregnancy. (Not, the controversial RU-486 "abortion" pill, mind you). The directory of the FDA's Office of Women's Health resigned in protest. Given the disaster in New Orleans, though, I doubt the story will get much notice.
I actually heard a braindead person on the radio this morning claiming that preventing implantation of a fertilized egg is abortion. Is the divide in this country really that great? Or, in other words, do we really have that many ignorant, stupid people here?

Some people claimed the decision was political:

...prompted lawmakers to call for congressional hearings into whether the nation's leading public health agency allowed politics to trump science in determining the fate of the morning-after pill called Plan B.

Well, duh. We don't need congressional hearings to figure that out. Politics always trumps science, particularly in this administration. From global warming, to logging, to oil drilling. So what else is new?

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