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2005/08/31 20:10 EDT
Weather Channel
The situation in Louisiana and Mississippi is even more drastic now. I've always wanted to visit New Orleans but I never made it there. Too bad.

I have to say, CNN programming is surprisingly lame. So they can attract governors to speak on their shows but so what. There's no real news there. I was wondering about the flooding in New Orleans and didn't get my answers until I started watching the Weather Channel. There, they explained the geography of the region and what was happening. Just like with the tsunami disaster and even 9/11, the TV keeps the events from intruding too much on my little reality here. Life goes on in Michigan. Normal. All while the "worst natural disaster in the history of the United States" (according to Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour) is taking place down south.

I couldn't help think about how nice we have it in Michigan in terms of natural disasters. We have no hurricanes. No significant flooding. No earthquakes. Only the occasional tornado or lightning storm but death and destruction from these are very rare.

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