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2005/08/31 00:10 EDT
It's all relative
I'm a little annoyed because I had to work 15 hours today, most of it on a tedious translation from Japanese to English. I don't mind translating but I'm not a translator so it's a slow and painful process (and no guarantee of accuracy). So it sucks when a task is given to me last minute and there's a tight deadline. Oh well I do the best I can and hope I didn't miss too many things.

As to my entry's title, I was thinking it's all relative. That is -- I'm tired and am having trouble keeping my eyes open. Partially because of the long day and also partially because of my full stomach. I'm thinking of heading up to bed yet there are thousands down in Mississippi and Louisiana with empty stomachs and no beds to go and miserable days ahead of them. So relative to that, I'm very fortunate indeed.

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