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2005/08/29 23:22 EDT
Well everybody's all abuzz about hurricane Katrina so I guess I have to write a note about it for posterity. It's a terrible tragedy that, for those of us lucky enough not to be affected, will become just another storm story on the Weather Channel. Property destruction is bad enough but I sure hope not too many people lost their lives. We'll know soon enough. They claim many of the people still in New Orleans couldn't afford to leave. If that's true, the city/state should have provided some bussing system to get them out of there. Probably would have been cheaper to do that than to pluck people off rooftops with helicopters later.

On a slightly related note, I wonder how much those news idiots get paid to go out there. Some of them are pretty stupid. Walking out in the middle of the street just to show how powerful the hurricane winds are. I wonder if they get a bonus for doing that or if they are just naturally stupid.

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