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2005/08/27 22:09 EDT
Embarrassing Moments
Do you like reading about people's embarrassing moments? Or do you have a embarrassing moment to share? Then is for you. I don't recall most of my dumbest moments. I think my mind has a protective mechanism that helps me forget my most embarrassing episodes. This is a pretty good one from the site:
I went out to eat for the first time with my girlfriend's parents. We when to this really nice restaurant in Winston-Salem. Everything goes just fine as far as me being a good guy and having a decent future. I tried my best to somewhat make an impressive first impression on them. After we order our food my girlfriend's mom decides to go to the restroom. This makes me think about it and then i decide to go a couple of minutes later. So i walk to the restrooms and go in. I look in the mirror first then looking down at my belt as i unfasten it i push the first stall door open. To my great surprise my girlfriend's mom is sitting on the toilet with her dress down and everything. I almost had a heart attack. This was by far the most embarrassing moment in my entire life.

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