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2005/08/22 07:44 EDT
Diet Shmiet
I've been observing all the diet crazes for some time now. My cousin was on the Atkin's low-carb diet and it did help him. He was avoiding things like bread, cheese and pasta and sticking primarily to meat. But in my observations, I have come to the conclusion that reducing carbs wasn't the main factor. Reducing caloric intake is the thing. By avoiding "carbs", he was avoiding those burrito supremes, fried chicken and other caloric binges. The fundamental problem here is that:

Americans eat too much

Listen people, eating a vat of fat-free (sugar-laden) yogurt is not going to help nor are SlimFast shakes. Just stop eating so damn much. A big part of the problem is the food industry itself. Any basic restaurant meal contains more than double the calories that a normal person needs. Pre-packaged foods are loaded with unhealthy calories. Ugh. I'll get off my soapbox now. This just came to mind as I was reading an article about the Atkins bankruptcy.

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