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2005/08/20 22:34 EDT
Niagara Falls & Toronto

Then we went on our usual tour of Niagara Falls and Toronto. We go there just about every year when an out-of-town visitor comes to visit. We stayed at the Embassy Suites again and this time the fallsview room actually gave us a view of the falls (last year we got a "fallsview" room that gave us a view of the restaurant roof).We did the usual Maid of the Mist ride and Journey Behind the Falls. This year we did some kid-oriented things that we haven't done in the past such as go to some game centers on Clifton Hill (ride the Spiderman ride and played Incredible Hulk mini golf). We had dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe which was so-so. I've never really liked the food there that much but the atmosphere is fun. From there we drove to Niagara-on-the-Lake, first making stops at the flower clock, mini chapel and Inniskillen Winery. Usually we eat at the Gatehouse hotel but since we had the kids along, we picked an Italian place near the harbor area of Lake Ontario. In Toronto we only had time to go up the CN Tower and a little bit of shopping before we had to head back to Michigan.

Oh yeah, and the obligatory stop at Ikea. Going to Ikea is a treat for us so we never pass one by. Rumor has it that they're going to build one in Michigan soon. I hope so. It's a long way to drive to Toronto or Chicago to go to Ikea.

[To be continued...]

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