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2005/08/05 01:00 EDT
Hanging at the Ritz
I spent this week in Phoenix, Arizona where it was hotter than a witches teat. (Not the correct analogy I think). 110F. Wow. It felt like the heat you feel on a 90+ degree day in Michigan when getting in your car that's been sitting in the sun for a couple hours. But it was that hot outside. At least it wasn't humid.Why do people actually go out of their way to retire here?I presume the other 10 months have better weather. Still, I like good old Michigan. Home is home I guess.Anyway we spent the first few days at a Toyota event at the Ritz. Food was good and I overate just about every night (filet mignon twice in one week). Later in the week we went out to the Toyota proving grounds in the dessert. There we spent much of the time outside looking at a 2007 model vehicle which will remain nameless until next year. I don't want to lose my job over a posting in a stupid blog!

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