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2005/06/17 02:40 EDT
California Earthquake
We were working today in Torrance, California when we felt an earthquake in the office. I hadn't felt one since I left Japan. So it was hisashiburi for me -- just like old times. It was a mild shake. Enough to rattle the blinds. A solid shindo 3 on the Japanese scale. Looking it up later at the USGS, I see that it was centered near Yucaipa, California (pretty close to Palm Springs) and had a magnitude of 4.9. In Tokyo, these kinds of quakes were probably a monthly occurrence. Although you quickly get used to them, you always wonder when the Big One is coming. I never lost sleep over it but I did keep some minimal earthquake supplies -- several cases of water, dehydrated camping food, my backpacking stove and some cash. Not much in the way of a survival kit but it was probably better than most people had.

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