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2005/04/04 22:05 EDT
Drunks killed in Kyoto
According to the Japan Times:

Drunk pair killed by train in Kyoto

KYOTO (Kyodo) Two men were killed by an express train at JR Nagaokakyo Station in Kyoto Prefecture around midnight Friday after one of them fell onto the tracks, firefighters said.

Police and JR West said the accident occurred around 12:05 a.m. Saturday when a man fell onto the tracks and his coworker tried to rescue him. The two were on the way home from a welcoming party for new staff and were drunk at the time, police said.

The Japan Times: April 3, 2005

A sad incident I noticed in the news today. The reason I bring it up is because I always thought it kind of odd that we don't see more of these kinds of accidents in Japan. There are a lot -- yes, a lot -- of drunk people making their way home by trains every day in Japan. One would think that this would happen more frequently.

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